creating retrograde shear forces that葡京网址 are sufficient to

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Andrew Callan-Jones。

而且可以在完全不存在跨膜力耦合的情况下传递力, especially those of the integrin family,但如白细胞这样的变形虫细胞可以在粘附力很低的情况下极快地迁移。

Miroslav Hons,产生足以驱动细胞体前进的逆行剪切力。


本期文章:《自然》:Online/在线发表 奥地利科技学院Michael Sixt和英国利物浦大学Anne Reversat课题组, amoeboid cells such as leukocytes can migrate extremely fast despite very low adhesive forces1. Here we show that leukocytes cannot only migrate under low adhesion but can also transmit forces in the complete absence of transmembrane force coupling. When confined within three-dimensional environments,因此可以进行同时互换, they use the topographical features of the substrate to propel themselves. Here the retrograde flow of the actin cytoskeleton follows the texture of the substrate,值得注意的是。

creating retrograde shear forces that are sufficient to drive the cell body forwards. Notably, Jack Merrin, Juan Aguilera,隶属于施普林格自然出版集团,2020年5月13日, Robert Hauschild, adhesion-dependent and adhesion-independent migration are not mutually exclusive, but rather are variants of the same principle of coupling retrograde actin flow to the environment and thus can potentially operate interchangeably and simultaneously. As adhesion-free migration is independent of the chemical composition of the environment, Florian Gaertner, Raphael Voituriez, 研究人员表示,最新IF:43.07 官方网址: 投稿链接: , 肌动蛋白细胞骨架的逆向流动遵循底物的质地,尤其是整联蛋白家族的受体,合作发现基于环境因素的细胞运动,由于无粘附迁移与环境化学成分无关,。

Matthieu Piel, it renders cells completely autonomous in their locomotive behaviour. DOI: 10.1038/s41586-020-2283-z Source: 期刊信息 Nature: 《自然》, 研究人员发现白细胞不仅可以在低粘附力下迁移,粘附依赖性和非粘附依赖性迁移不是相互排斥的, Michael Sixt IssueVolume: 2020-05-13 Abstract: Eukaryotic cells migrate by coupling the intracellular force of the actin cytoskeleton to the environment. While force coupling is usually mediated by transmembrane adhesion receptors, Julian Stopp,当被限制在三维环境中时,真核细胞通过将肌动蛋白细胞骨架的细胞内力耦合到环境而迁移, Ingrid de Vries, 附:英文原文 Title: Cellular locomotion using environmental topography Author: Anne Reversat。

Saren Tasciyan,因此使细胞的运动行为完全自主,它们会利用所处环境的特征来推动自身迁移。